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SilkRoad - Изтеглете SilkRoad, версия 1.240

В момента нямаме отзиви за софтуера: SilkRoad, версия 1.240. Ако искате да напишете отзив за този софтуер, моля, направете го и го изпратете и ние с удоволствие ще го включим тук.

If you are looking for a RPG that doesn’t cost money and isn’t too hardcore, try SilkRoad. This game is free to play and is a pretty good RPG, considering the price. It is also a good choice for the player that is just starting off in the world of RPGs. SilkRoad, as stated, is a completely free RPG that places you in a universe that is based off of the Chinese silk trading routes you heard about in history class.
When you log in, you will have to create your character. You can select what type of physical aspects you want your character to have. You also can choose the weapons and clothes they will be equipped with. Once that is completed, you are free to explore the massive universe and meet with other people from across the globe. Use your map as you journey through impressive landscapes and cities.
As you go, you can either kill enemies or accept quests and earn experience so you can level up. On the higher levels, you will be able to improve your magic, force and weaponry skills. Additionally, once you reach level 20 you can select one of three professions: thief, hunter or merchant. You can join a guild where you will have other members to help with the more challenging missions, or you can stay a loner. Either way, you can chat with other players and exchange mail messages with them as well.
The only complaint users have stated about SilkRoad is the amount of time you have to spend waiting. You have to wait for the file to download, then the EXE to be patched, and then you are waiting to enter the servers that seem to be crowded. However, that issue seems to have been resolved. If you are planning on getting started in MMORPG gaming genre, SilkRoad is a good place to start. Decent graphics and audio, remember, it is free, and plenty to keep you entertained makes this game a great introductory game.


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